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Marilyn’s 6 Clues to Success



Marilyn Zink is an internet marketer and information publisher.
She seeks to empower others to create the life of their dreams by using the internet to leverage more time freedom and creativity.
Marilyn has six clues to success and has learned various ways to make money online.
She has worked with six figure entrepreneurs and others who live the internet lifestyle.
It hasn’t been an easy path – it has been a circuitous, often bumpy route.
But the good news is that you can learn from her mistakes.
One of Marilyn’s favorite ways is to help people leverage their time and income by blogging the smart way and creating smart information products.
This helps build the cycle of trust and grow a following of people who know, like and trust what is offered.
While some people may discount blogging, you only have to look at the most influential people online to realize that blogging is still important and effective.
These people blog all the time!
If they are doing it, it must work!

That is your first clue to success online – pay attention to what the successful people are doing, not just what they are saying.
Follow the influencers – see what they are doing, what they specialize in and learn from them.
Then you can become an influencer.

The second clue to success online is that you will need to invest at some point.
Yes, you can learn a lot for free but you will still miss out on some key methods – shortcuts to success.
Whether it’s blogging, doing videos, email marketing, getting traffic – there are some nifty ways to shortcut the process to making money online.

The third clue is to do a deep dive on something that appeals to you. Love facebook – learn everything you can.
Do videos appeal to you? Then do that. Perhaps blogging is what you prefer – learn as much as you can.

The forth clue is to be consistent. Many people try something out for a while, then quit after a month or more.
Keep at it! You will see success when you are persistent and consistent.
Sometimes doing a challenge – such as a 30 day blogging challenge – can really boost that consistency and discipline you.
Blog once a day for 30 days – or do videos, or both.

The fifth clue is to promote, promote, promote.
Producing the content is one thing – getting that content out there to a large devoted following is key.
That is what will turn the tide in your favor.
Of course you want to promote so you can make sales, unless you don’t care and just want to produce content.
You will also want to be building an email list and promoting through that.
You need a certain number to reach critical mass – something like 5,000 followers to your facebook business page is one example.

The sixth clue is that you need a strategy to pull it all together.
What is your goal and what do you hope to attain?
How will this be done? How do you know you have become successful?
For some people it’s reaching a monthly income online that they can live off of while for others it’s reaching a large
You will want a strategy that pulls all your efforts together – email marketing, blogging, video creation, affiliate marketing, digital products, etc.

I hope these short clues to success have given you an idea of how to earn an income online.
To learn more about Marilyn, email her today at marilynsonlinebusiness@gmail.com to get started on your online journey to success.