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Marilyn Zink is an entrepreneur, blogger, publisher, internet marketer and info marketer.
The internet marketing journey is often a series of ups and downs for many people in the industry. It’s not just what happens online.
Marketing a business and making money is often a matter of combining offline and online marketing. Successful business people realize this. My marketing expertise is based on a combination of helping others succeed both online and offline.

I love creating information products and showing others how they can do that too. I also enjoy blogging and I can show you how to use blogging to get where you want to go much faster.

Why blogging? Most successful businesses use blogging with a combination other techniques to market on the internet. No matter who you are you can do this.

So who am I? I publish the Herbal Collective magazine online and create digital info products to show our readers how to have a naturally healthy life.

In my previous life I was a journalist working for a daily newspaper for 71/2 years and a weekly newspaper before that. I got good at writing. However, when my son was born, the daily newspaper grind did not suit a family’s lifestyle. Covering school board meetings late into the night, only to run out the door first thing in the morning packing my young son with me was no longer acceptable.

So I started my magazine small scale at the beginning. I soon increased its size and circulation as more people in the natural health industry supported it. I’ve had many wonderful supporters – from contributors, advertisers and readers over the years. Things were moving along fine until the crunch in 2008 hit.

Advertising support dropped off as more and more businesses found alternate methods of promoting their business, like using the internet. At the same time I was fascinated at learning the ‘internet thing’ and bought courses and products to learn more.

In the process I found the training and information was often haphazard and ‘gurus’ released product after product to keep people buying and in ‘learning mode.’ So much information and training is often scattered. Gurus may be good at marketing but they’re not necessarily good at training or teaching.

What does this mean for you? I know how to pull information together and curate it so you can learn – simply, easily, effectively. So you can start taking action today. I only promote products or services as an affiliate that I believe in and trust it will help you.