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Choosing the Best Theme for Your Website

Choosing the best theme for your website can be a confusing and sometimes daunting prospect.
There are so many themes available – how do you know which one is best for you?

Free Themes
First – there are free themes and paid themes. Often we’re tempted to use a free theme because why pay for something when you don’t have to, right?
The first thing to understand with a free theme is that it is open source software.
You should only download free themes from the WordPress.org directory as other sites may be unreliable and have malware.
Free themes may have limited support, limited features and there is no obligation is something goes wrong.

Paid Themes
A paid theme can give you more advantages – especially if it is needed for a specific purpose such as an ecommerce site.
Paid themes have more customization, come with more support and functions. ¬†Just be sure that the functions don’t come with more than you need and conflict with plugins you are using or want to use.
Premium themes sometimes come with a yearly licence or you pay for it and get that licence included for a year or more. Be sure to read the fine print.
Also be sure to get a paid theme with good support – this can make all the difference.
Paid themes can be purchased from numerous third party sources – finding a trustworthy company with good support is important.

Theme Options
Themes should be mobile friendly and easy to implement and use.
Navigation should be crisp and clean.  Uploading photos should be simple.
Make sure that there is no conflict with plugins, especially the popular plugins.
Sometimes it’s worth trying out a few themes to get a feel of how they work.
Once you have a theme you can putting your website to work and monetizing it.

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