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Copywriting Services

Having well written copy for a website or blog, sales letter or email follow-up can make all the difference in whether a business flourishes or withers on the internet vine.

There’s a temptation to hire cheap writers but that can backfire for someone trying to make money online.
Poorly written copy does not inspire trust or credibility.
Frequent typos, improper use of grammar or the English language are an immediate indicator that care has not been taken.
There is a high degree of skepticism online – how can you inspire trust if the writing is poor?

Listen – hire a writer who has the experience and the strong English skills so you get well written copy every time!
That’s what you get by having me handle your copywriting.
I have over 20 years of writing experience – trained as a journalist and spent 3 ½ years at a weekly newspaper followed by 7 ½ years at a daily newspaper. I have written hundreds, if not thousands, of articles.
I have written blog post articles for businesses, email headlines and follow-up email messages, feature articles that inspire readers, sales letters and more.
I write to deadline and can supply what you need for your business so you stand out.

What Copywriting Do You Need?

Website content is the first place to start.
There are five basic pages every website needs.
After the basic content, deciding what goes on your blog is the next place to go.
A good approach is to determine the different categories you want for your blog and plan articles accordingly.
Start with one category and write four blog posts for that theme.
Then move on to the next one and do the same.
This way you will have worthwhile content that flows cohesively.
You will also build your followers as they eagerly wait to see what you write next.
Also remember to promote each and every blog post to get visitors and traffic.
Make sure you have a way to track those followers.

Need Help with Copywriting?

If you need help with writing content for your website or blog, we have a variety of packages to choose from. You can get either website content, 30 days of blog content, 60 days of blog content or a combination.
These DFY services also include promoting the blog.
An email lead capture and follow-up sequence is also highly recommended.
Blogging is important because it brings in new search engine traffic via google key words.
The more blog posts you have that are also correctly promoted, the more visitors you will get to your site.

Contact me today to discuss your writing needs.

Skype: marilynherblady
Email: marilynsonlinebusiness@gmail.com