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How to Make Money from Home and Earn an Online Income

Are you looking to make money from home or earn an online income?
Then keep reading as I have years of experience and compiled my tips, tricks and strategies to benefit you.
You need a strategy first and a plan to execute to bring you success.
Many people do well making money as affiliate marketers.
Before you leap into the game ask yourself first what problems people are having, then look at how you can provide a solution to the problem.

Have an Online Strategy
Business online is no different than offline.
People are spending money to get solutions.
They need food when hungry, gas in the car, haircuts and new clothes.
What are the problems online?
People want to know the best ways to make money online quickly and easily.
They need to have something to sell and a good offer.
They need a way to capture names and email addresses.
But you want to choose a good offer, one that people want and is not difficult for people to purchase.
Choose an Offer
Where can you choose a high converting offer?
There are a number of places – Clickbank, Shareasale, JVZOO and Warrior Forum are the popular well known market places.
Choose an offer for a niche that you want to promote.
The hot niches now are anything related to; Relationships –dating, marriage, etc,  Health – lose weight, natural health, herbs, etc and Make Money Online – affiliate marketing, product creation, courses, etc.
There more you can be specific in a niche, the more successful you’ll be.

Building a List

A traffic strategy always include building an email list, as email marketing is more effective than having followers on social media.
Always send people to an optin page first, don’t send them directly to the offer as you have no way of following up with them.
There are many tools and ways to build an optin page or software that provides you with one.
The software and tools you use should be an integrated part of your overall business strategy and may reflect the niche you use as well.
A list building strategy will also require an email autoresponder, so you can collect names and emails automatically, use follow-up emails, broadcasts and keep track of your email subscribers.
Choose an autoresponder carefully and always build your own email list, separate from any company generated list that is controlled by someone else.

Getting Traffic

There are two ways to get traffic to an offer.
There is the slow passive way – content creation with blogging, social media posting on facebook, twitter, etc, video creation for facebook and video.
This works but it takes time and you need to be consistent for at least 30-90 days.
It is an important part of an online marketers business strategy.
Top marketers like Neil Patel have done very well with content marketing.
Paid traffic is a quicker way to get more eyeballs on an offer.
There are numerous ways to run paid traffic to an offer.
You can do facebook ads, bing ads, solo ads and more.
You will want to consider the cost and always keep track of the effectiveness of a paid traffic campaign.
Paid traffic can be a quick efficient way to build a list and make money from your offers.

Tracking and Analysis
Your online business strategy will require a way for you to track and analyze visitors to your offers and the amount of sales.
Similar to an offline business that advertises with flyers, print ads, radio or television, you will want to know the cost of each campaign and how effective it is.
Paid traffic on facebook can be run for as little as $5 a day.
The important thing is to start small and test your results.
Your website should have a google analytics tracking code installed so you can see how many visitors are coming to the site and what they are doing.
There are also ways to track followers on social media.

So that’s the overall strategy.
Do not get distracted by shiny object syndrome.
There is no need to purchase the latest gadget until you have the basics down first.
You also need to know if something fits into your overall business strategy and goals.
Start with a plan first, then execute that plan.
Keep moving forward and you will get there.
Need help?
Having an online mentor will get you to your goals faster.
Contact me to discover how you can build a money making strategy for online success.
Or visit www.sweetmoneyonline.com

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