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Online Business Training

Looking for help to get your online business started?

Whether you have an idea in mind or need help with looking at different options available, I can help.
I have many years of experience with marketing online using a variety of different approaches and can give you the big picture.
My specialty is in blogging, content creation, email marketing and facebook.
Other approaches such as affiliate marketing and ebooks or e-guides can be incorporated.
There are three ways to accomplish this – Do It Yourself, (DIY) packages, Done For You, (DFY) packages or a combination of a DIY package with email consulting.

The DFY package will get you up and running right away while the DIY approach might take a little longer as you are learning. But once you have the knowledge you can apply it to other areas online.

Get your blog set up, get content and have a plan for blogging that will get you followers.
(Like this blog, that I created myself on my own from the training I received.)
Next, integrate it with an email follow-up sequence to capture leads and build an email list.

This is the foundation to marketing online.
It doesn’t matter whether you have any experience, you can do this.
You will be ahead of other people who are stuck still spinning their wheels.
Create a digital product that you can sell online or give away for free to build your following.
See the link below for more.  Contact us to get started today.
Email marilynsonlinebusiness@gmail.com

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