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Setting Up the Right Foundation

Setting up the right foundation can be crucial to your success with a business online.
The business you have determines the kind of foundation you need.
But let’s say you want to make money from your blog.
Many people say that but what they don’t understand is that the blog is not your business.
It is part of your business, it is the front door to your business.
But it is not your business.
Your business is the niche you pick to earn money from.
So you must determine that first.
In the case with this site, the niche is copywriting and helping people with blogging.
Once the niche is chosen, then the foundation can be planned for the blog.
Here are 4 key factors to plan the foundation for your blog.

Choosing the Right Blog
This can make a critical difference in how a blog runs and operates. Many people like to choose free blogs such as Weebly or Blogger, Wix and WordPress.com. There are pros and cons to each. Free blogs are great way to start as you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. They can also be an extra blog that points to the main blog home once you get going. Most entrepreneurs choose WordPress.org as the best platform to offer the most functionality and it is the most popular. You need to pay for a domain to name it, which is inexpensive, and then find a host.

Hosting a blog is like providing a home for it on the internet. The difference between a free blog and one you own is that you have your own dedicated name. Free blogs provide the hosting. With your own domain, you need to get it hosted which is usually done on a yearly basis.

Choose a Blog Theme
The theme is how the blog look, the front door to the business.
Themes can have many features to theme that determine how it will work for a particular business.
This is why you need to know what you are selling first, before choosing a theme.
If the theme isn’t working for your particular blog, it can be changed easily enough.

Choose Plugins for the Blog
Plugins are the software behind the blog that make it run more efficiently.
There are some basic plugins required for every blog – such as an anti-spam, SEO, forms, share buttons and social media. More specific ones can be chosen depending on the blog and business being run. Look at what the plugin does and how it will make business run better and more efficiently.
Social Media
When the blog is setup, you connect it to your social media. Get accounts set up for facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Start promoting your blog posts across all your social media to get a following.
Email Marketing
This is where advice on many blogs stop. But it is important to start building a following with an email list. You need a form or a way for people to sign up and follow you. You can send them to posts on your blog and mention products or services they may be interested in. Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%, returning $44 for every $1 spent. So it is well worth doing

Selling Products or Services
Unless you just like writing about yourself, this is where you need to integrate your offerings into your blog. What are you selling that people would be interested in buying? How do you educate them about that in your blog posts?
One easy way to make money with your blog is with affiliate marketing and through google ad words.

Start Posting
Before you post, plan your posts. What is the purpose for the post? What action do you want the reader to take. Having a strategy for blog posts can make a big difference in how successful the blog is.
Tip: Write your blog posts ahead of time in a word document, instead of directly on the site.

Stuck? Outsource or Get Knowledge
If you get stuck on what to do, you can outsource or get more knowledge on the particular issue. Learning takes time and effort. Outsourcing to someone who knows what they are doing is much faster and will get things happening for you sooner.
If your blog is going to help you make money, you want to get it set up and going as soon as possible.
Contact me for a no cost obligation 15 minute call via phone or skype. We can get you going.
Simply fill out the form on this page to get started.

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